Up your nose with a rubber hose, Mr. Horror!

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Horror Teaches Us

Horror Teaches Us

It’s often quoted that, “We learn from our mistakes.”

While this quote is very true, no one ever asks WHY it’s true.

One guess.



Mistakes or failures often lead to Horrific situations.

Ever got you tie caught in the paper shredder and been unable to reach the power switch? If so I bet you only use office equipment naked now.

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Assassination by Association

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Ehud = Jewish Ninja

Ehud = Jewish Ninja

It is bible Horror study time again. Today, we’ll be looking at Judges 3.


Ehud, a left handed dude, makes a sword that is about a foot; foot and a half in length. He hides the blade on his right thigh and gains an audience with the enemy king claiming a desire to pay tribute. Ehud tells the king that he has a secret message, so the king instructs all his servants to leave.

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The Ring….of Resolutions

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Ring of Resolution

Ring of Resolution

Well, it is that time of year again. Time to pretend you are going to be someone else.

No, not Halloween. Guess again.


Okay. I’m talking New Years!

Does anyone find it odd that people openly admit how horrible they are?

I mean, I love that sort of thing. It’s like everyone conceding that Horror is an essential part of their make-up; in their DNA even. Though I doubt any one else thinks that deep about their Horror-able-ness.

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The Horror of Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Ah, Christmas. It’s a love-hate season for me. I love the season and all it stands for in general but I hate that no one else can see the Horror that is ingrained throughout.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..”

Or so the song says anyway. How does it go on? Ah yes, I remember now:

“There’ll be scary ghost stories….”

And no they weren’t just talking about Dickens’ Christmas Carol, though in his own fashion Dickens was following the tradition of ghost stories at Christmas that originated in Europe.

Think of it, way, way, WAY back then. No TV (Oh the horrors). No radio even. They sat around fireplaces as icy winds drove through the cracks in the siding creating shivering whistles of ghosts in the other room. Winter is the scariest time of year. More darkness. Cabin fever.

Creepy right?

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Horror Is Important

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Horror is Important

Horror is Important

I’m sure most of you guys out there in digital land don’t really get why I’m so hung up on Horror. To be honest, I don’t get it sometimes either.

Is it because I grew up on movies like Friday the 13th?

Put myself to bed with books like Bats in the Belfry and later Goosebumps?

Is it because there is something wrong with me?

Probably there is, but I don’t think Horror is it.

So why all the hullaballoo?

It didn’t start with me; I’m not the first. When you look back through the shadows of history you can see the dark red eyes of Horror shinning back at you.

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Vending Machines; Friend or Foe?

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Vending Foe

Vending Foe

First, my apologies about not posting sooner. I’ve been stuck doing some extra handy man work. Let me say for the record that I will never do a post on the horror of wallpaper removal. I simply couldn’t do it’s horror justice.

(No matter what the jerks on HGTV say, don’t belive it, it ain’t easy)

But I digress………

Vending Machines; Friend or Foe?

I love vending machines as much as the next guy. I mean cheap junk food on demand is part of the American dream.

I’ve even seen machines that take credit/debit cards. That brings convenience to a whole other level.

But it is when these wonderful machines don’t act as we’d expect that one can see the true horror in them.

Four Reasons I choose FOE……..

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Horror in the Garden of Eden

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Tree of Knowledge

Garden of Eden

That’s right folks. So begins our travels through the countless lands of the bible. I figured the best place to start was at the beginning. For those of you unfamiliar, here is how the story goes.


God makes man and woman and tells them they can eat anything in The Garden of Eden, EXCEPT the fruit from one tree in particular. A snake (the devil) tricks Eve into eating from the tree (although it is worth mentioning that it took very little convincing). Eve then shares the fruit with her husband. God finds out, trouble ensues.



If we take the plot of this account down to its skeleton, we can find it in countless horror stories. Someone is warned not to do something. They are tricked or convinced to do it anyway. They then suffer the consequences.

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