Horror of Football

HorrorFootballHey, boys and ghouls. I’ve been away for a while but don’t worry, horrific things in real life haven’t stopped happening.

Today I’d like to talk about sports. First, let me say that I love sports. I don’t want anyone to confuse my explanation of Horror in sports as my condemning them. That isn’t the case. However, I do get a little testy when people are oblivious.

Now, I knew from a young age that sports weren’t the Norman Rockwell/High Class – chess matches that everyone wants to believe they are.

It isn’t unusual for a basketball coach to tell a twelve-year-old kid to go “foul” someone. Everyone praises the coaches “smart play”. Hey, great idea, lets teach kids to intentionally break the rules and by doing so, win.

Team sports are especially strange in this respect. The game becomes not about which team is better, but about which team PLAYS THE GAME BETTER. The more rules there are in a given sport, the easier it becomes to take advantage of those rules. Breaking rules is a part of every game, and whoever can bend or break the rules better will always have an advantage.

I’m not going to pick on just basketball here.

Hockey often encourages its players to go a little heavy on the offense. Fisticuff brawls anyone?

Want to bet that a baseball pitcher has never intentionally hit a man at the plate?

I’m sure all soccer yellow cards are mere accidental.

What is it they say about NASCAR? Rubbing is racing?

Do I even need to bring up boxing, MMA or virtually any other combat sport?

Then enter the world-class sport of Professional American Football and the recent epiphany that players hurt themselves and one another. Really? That’s news?

Apparently, some people thought a football team’s sole purpose was to aerate the turf at the stadium.
Last year everyone was shocked when they learned about the Saints and their “incentives” for devastating hits which resulted in opposing team injuries.

Raise your hand if you think tackles don’t hurt.

What, no hands?

It is obvious that tackles are going to hurt. Even an easy tackle can knock the wind out of you. So let’s not sugar coat this: the illegal incentives aside, defensive players are paid to tackle the opposing team and as a result of those tackles men get hurt. Therefore, players are paid to hurt one another. That’s their job. It is why they are hired.

Good defensive players tackle harder in an attempt to cause turnovers. A guy that can make more tackles and cause more turnovers is paid more. That’s how the NFL allows the pay system to operate.

THEREFORE, a player that causes more pain gets rewarded with higher future salary deals.

YET, an incentive system rewarding harder hits based on opposing team injuries well, that is just barbaric. We must draw the line in the sand.

My point isn’t IF players should be paid based on “injuries”. My point is that they already are, legally, by the NFL.
If defensive football players are already paid by the amount of damage they can inflict, and if it has been that way since the sports inception, why did the NFL punish the men involved so harshly?

The secret truth here recently came to the forefront when some of our political leaders have announced that football is too violent. That if they had sons, they’re not sure they would let them play football.

Well, duh.

Of course, men running around and tackling each other as hard as possible, regardless of motivation, is barbaric. And the pee-wee version of the sport might not be right for your children or children in general.

You might not want a six year old in a boxing match either. Or getting slammed against the ice and glass in hockey. Headers in soccer have been proven to be just as dangerous as an average tackle. I could go on and on.

Everyone knows the sport is harsh, dangerous, and rough. The NFL just doesn’t want light shed on that particular aspect of their game. They want to be family friendly. They want you to believe that the game is “90% mental”; that it’s a “chess match”.

When someone pulls back the curtain and reveals that America’s most popular sport is nothing more than complicated human cockfighting, well that’s certainly frowned on by the NFL establishment.

The message they present is:
Paying guys to hurt one another is okay.
Saying that we pay guys to hurt one another is not.
We must draw that line somewhere.

As I’ve said, I enjoy sports and I don’t have any problem with football. The Horror here isn’t in those players running around and smashing into each other. It isn’t that coaches encourage their players to do their jobs (tackle guys as hard as possible), that teams/players break the rules to win (via fouls and penalties), that European football might have been fixed, or that NFL players may be using deer antler spray.

The real Horror here is that there are people out there that want you to believe all sports are innocent, cuddly little teddy bears. They are not. Players in every sport are encouraged to bend/break the rules. They are told to be ruthless. Their financial livelihood is based on their ability to beat the other team/players. They are told that winning isn’t the most important thing, it’s the only thing.

Am I saying sports are evil? No. Do what you want with sports, but never let someone tell you sports are innocent tulips.

Love them for what they are.

Sports are pure, 100% HORROR.


~ by Charlie Edgar on February 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Horror of Football”

  1. Go, Charlie, Go Charlie–well said!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.


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