Hubba Hubba Horror

Horror Is Attractive

Horror Is Attractive

Let’s face it. We find horror attractive.

Take the oft used example of the car wreck on the side of the road.

Why do we look? Is it because we hope to see nothing? That’s doubtful as the mere act of looking implies that we want to see something.

In truth we are a curious race and while most people would say curiosity is the only reason for playing peek-a-boo with disaster, I do not.

Curious? For what?

What is that curiosity hoping to find?

The answer is obvious, especially if you’ve been following along this Horror blog-ride.

A mangled car, a bloody stretcher or a black zippered bag…..All Horror.

Most of us don’t wish those things on anyone. Yet we are drawn to look at Horrors which may exist. We secretly hope for a quick glimpse. We may shudder, look away and make funny noises after we see the Horror but that doesn’t change the fact that in large part, we all want to see Horror.

Maybe that example is too cliche for you. There are countless others. I’ll shoot for the next most obvious.

The circus sideshow.

To this, I’m not speaking of the bearded lady, sword swallowers or human blockheads. The sideshows that prove my point are pickled punks (babies in formaldehyde) and stuffed two headed animals. An attraction I remember from my own youth was that of a boy who ruined his body with drug abuse. Step right up, get your ticket to see this curiously deformed wonder.

Seeing these things satisfies our need to see Horror. They wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Still not buying it?

How about that people watch reality TV for the “drama” and often that “drama” revolves around “The Situation” backhanding a “Real Housewife” because she said “yes to the dress” by stealing it from a “Hoarders” trash pile that she thought was her “Big Brothers” but luckily everything went back to rights when he gave her a rose.

We want to see drama, AKA the bad stuff, AKA real-life, everyday Horrors.

Another example.

Hmmmm. How about my personal favorite.

Think of this, how many times have you heard someone say that they only watch NASCAR for the crashes.

Yea, that doesn’t sound Horrible at all.

Everyone likes Horror. It quickens the pace. Let’s you know your alive.

Life without Horror? Well, there is a word for that. It’s called flat-line.


~ by Charlie Edgar on February 26, 2012.

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