THE END…….Of Samson

The Horror of Samson

The Horror of Samson

Bible Horror study.


And as the title suggests, the end of Samson in particular.

Towards the end of the story, Samson is caught by his enemies (with the help of his own wife), who blind him. They keep him alive in his weakend and crippled state to laugh at his disgrace. Samson makes a final plea for God to allow him strength enough to kill his enemies. God grants this request and Samson knocks over some pillars bringing down the building around everyone; himself included.

This, I’m afraid, is a bit of a touchy subject. A lot of people miss the last bit of this story. They skim over it and don’t even notice what really happened here.

Samson killed himself. Effectively, he committed suicide. Though more accurately, it was a kamikaze type action. Going down and bringing your enemies with you. Still, let’s call a spade what it was … suicide.

Some people will say that suicide is always Horrific. Others will say that suicide can be a merciful way to kick your own bucket, in the right circumstance. I won’t comment on suicide itself, as its Horror is highly perceptive.

What I will comment on, is this:
For a healthy minded individual, how Horrific must their life be to consider the ultimate action of non-existence.

How awful was Samson’s life for him to decide to end it all?

Turns out, the woman he loved, never really loved him in return. His power was removed along with his surly awesome mullet of gold. He was taken away from everything he ever knew; all friends, all family, GONE. He was blinded. He was made to live as though he were a dog, sucking the toes of the enemies he once so easily vanquished. He worked as a mule, grinding grain. And I’m sure for a time, even the mighty Samson must have wondered if the Lord was still with him.

Samson had nothing left. His life was already over. The only question was when.

Sometimes life sucks. No question. Sometimes, it gets so bad that you wish you were dead.

The End…

Sorry folks, to end on a sour note but sometimes that is all Horror leaves us with.


~ by Charlie Edgar on February 20, 2012.

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  1. Charlie…I love this! Sandy

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