The AUTHOR of Horror

The AUTHOR of Horror

The AUTHOR of Horror

A friend and I, whom I respect a great deal, were having a conversation. It revolved around the roll of entertainment in a Christian life; notably the amount of “evil” acceptable in entertainment.

I’ve always been on the side of the fence that believes fiction should mimic real life, that “evil” in any story or movie must serve a purpose and that all good entertainment helps reveal a greater truth. A truth we may have known about before but that is shown to us in a more profound way.

That is not to say that all fiction or movies actually accomplish that task, but usually good stories strive for that position.

It struck me at one point that even the bible contains a “story-teller”; one who is named ‘Author’. He was very, Very, VERY important.

Did I say very?

A Man who understood a good story, especially one that was a metaphor for real life. And like real life, sometimes those stories had a little bit of good old fashioned Horror.

I am of course talking about Jesus and His parables.

Think about it, there were: malicious seed sowers, virgins going to hell, a master whose servants were beaten and son was killed, an unwise house contractor who goes to hell, party skippers who are henceforth uninvited, robbers, a thief in the night, a sinful son who squandered riches, warnings of carnivorous wolves covered in sheep’s wool AND wineskins bursting with new wine in them.

Okay, the wineskin thing was a joke.

But other than that, those elements have a hint of Horror in them. And they are only the most obvious and overt indications of Horror in His parables.

I think my point here is clear.

Jesus, sometimes referred to as The Author, used “evil” in his stories as a teaching tool to reveal a greater truth.

Why can’t us normal authors do the same?

If we’re living by His example then shouldn’t some of our own ‘stories’ (visual, verbal or written) have a little Horror in them?


~ by Charlie Edgar on January 29, 2012.

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