Horror Is Important

Horror is Important

Horror is Important

I’m sure most of you guys out there in digital land don’t really get why I’m so hung up on Horror. To be honest, I don’t get it sometimes either.

Is it because I grew up on movies like Friday the 13th?

Put myself to bed with books like Bats in the Belfry and later Goosebumps?

Is it because there is something wrong with me?

Probably there is, but I don’t think Horror is it.

So why all the hullaballoo?

It didn’t start with me; I’m not the first. When you look back through the shadows of history you can see the dark red eyes of Horror shinning back at you.

Go way back to the ancient Chinese concept of Yin Yang. It says that contrary forces are interconnected and dependent on each other.

Black doesn’t really exist without white. Meat isn’t as good without potatoes. So on and so on.

But the most important, for the Horror cause, is that good can’t truly be appreciated without evil.

If the sun was always present in the sky and we had no inkling that darkness existed. We could never truly appreciate the warmth of the sun as it rises on cold winter mornings.

Without evil in the world, in all its varying degrees, Mother Teresa would merely be “some other chick”.

Or worse, without good, serial killers would just be “normal guys”. How’s that for a Horror story?

“But that is just why we need opposites in the world,” you say. “What about horror? Why do we need that?”

Horror is the feeling that we get when we realize that not everything in the world is rainbows and lollypops.

Sometimes the world is hemorrhoids and coffee stains.

When that realization hits us, only then can we truly understand just how good rainbows and lollypops are.

If you want to talk in terms of contemporary Horror, look at the movie Saw. The original. Please only look at the original.

Its main theme is that people don’t appreciate their lives. Apathy numbs people to a point that only after they have lived through their own “death” can they appreciate life.

Ask anyone who fought a major disease and lived, how sweet the taste of life is today.

Ask the lame how much they would like to walk again.

The old to be young.

The mute to talk.

The blind to see.

The deaf to hear.


We as humans, take things for granted. It’s in our nature. We become accustomed to things like the proverbial frog in boiling water. Horror is showing the frog a thermometer.

Horror keeps us honest. Puts us on our toes. Without it, we wouldn’t know just how good things are.

It gives us perspective.

We take for granted that day after day, the sun will rise.

Until one day, what if it doesn’t?

And so begins Horror.


~ by Charlie Edgar on November 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Horror Is Important”

  1. I really like this post, Charlie. And I wholeheartedly agree…horror lets us know we’re still ALIVE! .P.S. I read serial killer stuff for fun…:)

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