Welcome to the horror of everything. My purpose here will be to show and share the importance of good, true horror. I’ll start with a quick little FAQ just to clear things up as quickly as possible.

  • What do you mean by the horror of everything?

I mean that there is horror IN everything. Or at least everything worth having. We cannot know darkness without light. We cannot appreciate having something without appreciating the possibility of losing it.

  • How are you defining “horror”?

Horror isn’t hackem-slashem cheerleader and camp counselor massacre. It’s not mutated monsters, zombies, werecreatures or ghosts. Have all of these things become a part of the contemporary horror landscape? Sure. I mean to say that horror isn’t only those things. Real horror doesn’t rely on cheap monsters or clichéd events. It’s the feeling that matters and those feelings are with most of us quite often.

True horror is the inescapable. Doom fated events. But it’s also sugar, spice and everything nice. You’ll see.

  • Why is horror important?

It is in our lowest moments of hate, loss, fear and depression, that we truly know what it is we have their opposite. Within horror, we find ourselves; we delve deep into despair and return injured but able to fully understand how important things around us are. Thank God for horror.

  • Just how important is horror?

Well, while thanking God for horror I had an ah-ha moment. What if we could find horror in the most influential book ever written? I’m talking full-blown horror on every page. Horror in the Bible!

Sacrilege you say. I disagree; anyone in a packed theater during a showing of “The Passion” could tell just how horrific a biblical event can be. And that’s only the most obvious story.

I’m not talking about just those, I’m saying ALL the important stories. If we understand that the Bible represents real life accounts of people and places, then there should be just as much horror in daily life then as there is today. Times weren’t so different back then, bad things happened every day. Oh boy. Can’t wait.


~ by Charlie Edgar on October 6, 2011.

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